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GSM, OCPP, PLC …? The Mobility House Explains It All

2. December 2015 Jan Vincke Everything About Charging Your Electric Car Tags: , , , , , , 0 Comments
2. December 2015 – Despite – or perhaps even because of – the fact that charging electric cars is still a very new phenomenon, charging station manufacturers often use different terms for almost identical features. We’ve taken on the challenge of demystifying this confusing terminology. Over the next few pages, you’ll find explanations of the various technical terms and features that you’re likely to come across when choosing which charging station to buy.

Day/Night Tariff for Electric Car Drivers – Use Green Electricity to Charge More Cheaply at Night

18. November 2015 Isabella Kiesslich Everything About Charging Your Electric Car Tags: , , , , 0 Comments
18. November 2015 – Electric cars are only truly environmentally friendly and play their part in the “Energiewende” when they are charged emissions-free. Read about Alexander and find out how you too can save on electricity costs while still using green electricity to get around.

Volkswagen collaborates with The Mobility House to create charging solutions for e-vehicles

16. October 2015 PR Press Tags: , , , 0 Comments
19. October 2015 – As of now, customers who purchase an electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid model from Volkswagen can also enjoy customised charging solutions from The Mobility House. The Mobility House offers Volkswagen customers reliable and affordable package deals that include a comprehensive consulting service.


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