Charge Your Electric Car Quickly, Conveniently and Securely at Your Own Charging Station and Stay Flexible in Your Everyday Routine.

Depending on their usage electric vehicles must be charged every two to three days. This recharging should be quick and convenient – with your own charging station at home. Whilst the maximum charging power and therefore charging speed is important for BEVs (battery electric vehicles) due to their larger batteries. It is comfort that plays the crucial role when it comes to PHEVs (plug-in hybrid electric vehicles). The issue of safety is essential here. Electric vehicles require a high amount of power over a period of three to eight hours. Until now there have rarely been such demanding users of the household power supply. Overheating of cables and insufficiently fused power sockets, or the use of (industrial) plug sockets can cause burns and other damage.

Connecting electric vehicles to a power supply is subject to special technical standards and regulations, which electricians must know and follow. When choosing a wall box and installing it at home, factors such as the battery size of the electric car, maximum charging power, parking position, and position of charging points on the vehicle should be taken into account. As well as the performance and safety of the existing electric installation, aspects such as billing services for consumed energy and controlled charging are also key. In living spaces, questions of ownership must be clarified, as well as the necessity for a load management system.

Advantages of Your Own at Home Charging Station

  • Charge quickly: up to 10x quicker than with a regular domestic socket
  • Charge safely: the most modern safety standards and installation by qualified electricians
  • Charge conveniently: comfortable and easy operation with a single handle
  • Charge smartly: intelligent power management (PV integration) as well as billing solutions for owners of company vehicles
  • All-round service: on-site guarantee and exchange service (in connection with a charging station and installation by The Mobility House)

Requirements for Installing a Charging Station at Home

Parking Spaces

Do you have your own parking space (carport, own garage, duplex garage etc.)? A charging station can be installed indoors or outdoors. You only need a place where the station can be mounted (e.g. wall, pillar) next to the parking space. Alternatively, the charging station can also be mounted on a stand.


Do you have permission to have such an installation carried out for you? Tenants and owners of communal garages, for example, must obtain permission from the owner before they can install a charging station at home. The most important facts on this topic can be found in our Real Estate Guideline section.

Connection to the Power Supply

Is there a power supply connection near the parking space? The shorter the distance between the charging station and the fuse box, the lower the installation costs. You should also take into account any excavation works, or wall and ceiling penetration which may be necessary.

Charging Electric Company Cars at Home

Do you charge your electric company car at home using your private electricity? We offer the ideal solution for billing your employer – as easy as using a fuel card. Together with an intelligent charging station including electricity meter and connection to a back-end system, the billing service @home from The Mobility House records data and automatically settles the costs of charging electricity with your employer or leasing company.


Charge from the Sun with Your Own Solar Power Supply

Do you want to charge your electric vehicle with energy from your photovoltaic (PV) system at home? With intelligent add-on features, you can turn your charging station into a solar power station. You can optimise your home energy use by choosing to only charge when the sun is shining. In this way, you will not only charge your car 100 per cent ecologically, but you can also increase the cost savings from your PV system at the same time (depending on the amount of remuneration for feeding electricity into the grid).


Charge With Green Electricity – Even Without Sunshine or a Photovoltaic System

100% emission-free driving is only possible with green electricity. When choosing your energy supplier, pay attention to quality seals such as those provided by TÜV Nord or Grüner Strom Label, to be sure that your electricity really is green. One German supplier is Polarstern. Polarstern offers green electricity generated by 100% German water power and supports sustainable projects both locally and globally, thereby driving forwards the “Energiewende” (“energy transition”). You can easily compare green electricity suppliers in Switzerland using myNewEnergy, and in Austria using E-Control.


We Recommend the Following Products for Charging Your Electric Car at Home

An einer Ladestation bzw. Wallbox laden Sie Ihr Elektroauto bis zu 10x schneller als an der Haushaltssteckdose. Die modernsten Sicherheitskriterien und die Montage durch einen qualitifzierten Elektroinstallateur ermöglicht ein sicheres Laden des E-Autos. Die leichte und bequeme Handhabung macht das Laden an der Wallbox zum Kinderspiel. Mit der eigenen Stromtankstellen können Sie flexibel und bequem zu Hause oder am Arbeitsplatz laden. Eine intelligente Stromnutzung und -abrechnung macht das Laden smart.

Charging Stations

  • Charge quickly: up to 10x quicker than with a regular domestic socket
  • Charge safely: the most modern safety standards and installation by qualified electricians
  • Charge conveniently: easy and convenient operation
  • Charge flexibly: with your own charging station at home or at work
  • Charge smartly: intelligent power management and billing
Das Laden Ihres Elektroautos stellt hohe Anforderungen an Ihre Elektroinstallation. The Mobility House bietet einen Installationsservice, der genau dies berücksichtigt. Das Paket beinhaltet die Prüfung Ihrer Hausinstallation und Anwendungssituation durch einen qualifizierten Elektroinstallateur sowie die Montage und elektrische Inbetriebnahme der Wallbox gemäß der aktuell gültigen Normen. Für eventuelle Zusatzarbeiten, abgestimmt auf die spezifischen Gegebenheiten vor Ort, erhalten Sie ein unverbindliches und individuelles Angebot.

Installation Service

  • On-site inspection of electric installation and set up recommendation
  • Installation and initial commissioning of charging station by qualified electricians
  • Non-binding offer if individual, additional installation work is required
  • 24-month guarantee including use of a service hotline and instant exchange service in the case of a claim made under warranty

Any Questions?

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