With Innovative Charging and Energy Storage Solutions, The Mobility House Helps Electric Mobility Achieve a Breakthrough.

The Mobility House aims to promote the ’Energiewende’ and facilitate an emissions-free future. With our innovative charging and energy storage solutions, we help electric mobility achieve a breakthrough. Our technologies allow us to integrate electric vehicles into the power grid as an aggregated swarm storage of batteries as well as a stationary storage device from vehicle batteries.

The Mobility House was founded in 2009 and supports all leading car manufacturers in over 10 countries throughout the world from its locations in Munich, Zurich and San Francisco.

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Management and Board of Directors of The Mobility House

Thomas Raffeiner, CEO und Gründer von The Mobility House
Thomas RaffeinerFounder, CEO/ Member of the Board

As the owner of a strategic consulting company with a focus on energy, Thomas Raffeiner founded The Mobility House in 2009, creating one of the first service companies for e-mobility in Europe. Inspired by the technical possibilities he is convinced that the end of the age of fossil fuel is coming closer and therefore takes challenges and chances of this shift into account. Conquering the summit is what matters to the pioneer of e-mobility on one side in an economical sense with his team and in his spare-time he strives towards the peak by hiking, biking or para-lifting. The Austrian citizen, and father of three, also supports a Children’s Village, in Ladakh, located in the Indian part of the Himalaya.

Stefan Ritter, COO und Gesellschafter von The Mobility House
Stefan RitterManaging Director

Stefan Ritter combines key competences from the fields of automotive, utility, plant manufacturing and information technology. He formerly applied his experience in various internationally renowned consulting companies and companies active in the field of plant construction where he filled leading positions. The understanding for numerous technical interactions combined with the enthusiasm for a new mobility and the corresponding vehicles are his incentive for a high commitment towards e-mobility. The father of two enjoys to go sailing in his time off.

Marcus Fendt, CSO und Gesellschafter von The Mobility House
Marcus FendtManaging Director

Before joining The Mobility House, Marcus Fendt was responsible for the global product management at the Swarovski AG, an international manufacturer of luxury products. His professional career also includes positions at Accenture, Bosch and Siemens. From the beginning the qualified industrial engineer was fascinated by the technological breakthrough of e-mobility and the corresponding new marketing perspectives. Marcus Fend is married father of two and likes to explore his place of residence, Tirol by bike, on Segway or by e-car.

Christian Weller von Ahlefeld, CFO und Gesellschafter von The Mobility House
Christian Weller von AhlefeldCFO/Member of the Board

Dealing with numbers makes Christian Weller von Ahlefeld feel at home, which makes corporate finance, M&A, legal affairs and taxation but also controlling and reporting his preferred sphere. This tendency already shaped up before he joined The Mobility House, as Christian Weller von Ahlefeld was formerly in charge of the finance and HRM at various international industrial and service companies. Once finance and controlling at TMH have been dealt with, the experienced sailor likes to confront wind and waves.

Daniel Heydenreich, Leiter Finanzen von The Mobility House
Daniel HeydenreichHead of Finance & Operations & HR/ Authorized Officer

Daniel Heydenreich has shaped and been with The Mobility House from its very beginning and has held a variety of roles ranging from an Assistant to the Management Board right through to the Head of Operations and Head of Finance & Controlling for the entire Group. After very successfully completing his business economics studies in Passau, he worked for Thomas Raffeiner, a strategy consultancy specialising in energy, and played a major part in the first project which TMH carried out. A mountain bike enthusiast, he also sometimes enjoys crossing the Alps with a little bit more speed on four wheels.

Christian Müller, Geschäftsführer und Gesellschafter von The Mobility House
Christian MüllerHead of Projects

Prior to starting his role at The Mobility House, Christian Müller worked for many years as a corporate consultant in the energy industry, with his main focus being on utilities. Before this role he worked in the automotive and banking industries whilst simultaneously studying mechanical engineering and industrial engineering at ETH Zürich. A married man from Switzerland, as well as having a fascination for electromobility, the opportunities associated with it and cars in general, he is a passionate hunter and angler.

Dr. Robert Seiler, Head Business Development & Strategy von The Mobility House
Dr. Robert SeilerHead of V2G & Strategy

Prior to joining the TMH Management Team Dr. Robert Seiler led various business units in the fields of energy management and carbon emission reduction with focus on the European utilities industry. Holding a PhD in physics and an MBA from the China Europe International Business School in Shanghai, he always managed to combine professional and academic life. Studying cultural diversity and foreign countries is what the Swiss national and enthusiastic cross country skier is dedicated to whenever time permits.

Heiko BayerHead of Product and Business Development

Heiko Bayer, a qualified industrial engineer, gained experience in the semiconductor and automotive industry before bringing his expertise to the team at The Mobility House. He is convinced of the value of stationary storage and its potential and importance in energy market decentralisation, as well as in supporting the 'Energiewende'. In his spare time, he enjoys travelling and being out and about with his rucksack.

Andreas LahrHead of IT & Technology

Andreas Lahr gained extensive management and leadership experience in various roles (including at Siemens and his own startup, vftree.tv) before he came on board at The Mobility House. Lahr, a qualified electrical engineer specialising in information technology, is particularly interested in the technological progress and upheaval in electric mobility and alternative energy. As a result, he is fascinated by this particular sector. He is also constantly on the move in his free time, either travelling or hiking.

Dr. Gert Maichel, Vorsitzender des Verwaltungsrates von The Mobility House
Dr. Gert MaichelChairman of the Board

Since 2008 the keen e-driver and father of six, Gert Maichel, has been the Chairman of the Board of Directors at The Mobility House. Various leading positions in companies such as BASF, Mobil Oil, Wintershall, WinGas and VEW where milestones of his career, before the qualified lawyer joined TMH after being member of the Board of Directors at the RWE AG and simultaneously acting as a Chairman at the RWE Power AG. He holds various advisory mandates and coordinates charitable projects in Germany and Moldavia.

Dr. Alexander Landia, Verwaltungsrat von The Mobility House
Dr. Alexander LandiaMember of the Board

To only name a selection of positions in his professional career as an industrial manager, Dr. Alexander Landia was the Dresdner Head of the Oil and Gas Debt, Partner at Accenture, Chairman of the Board of Directors at SUEK, one of the world’s largest coal producing co-operations and co-founder of Bernotat & Cie. Ever since 2011 he complements the Board of Directors at The Mobility House.

Casper Heijsteeg, Verwaltungsrat von The Mobility House
Casper HeijsteegMember of the Board

Casper Heijsteeg is Senior Fund Partner of Wermuth Asset Management GmbH, the exclusive investment advisor of Europe-Tatarstan Cleantech Fund LP, one of the investors in The Mobility House. He has been active in private equity/venture capital and corporate finance for 17 years and led more than 30 investment and exit transactions. Casper Heijsteeg is hands-on involved in key managerial issues of investees, including strategic, financial and organizational subjects.

Dr. Michael Mohnhaupt, Verwaltungsrat von The Mobility House
Dr. Michael MohnhauptMember of the Board

Michael Mohnhaupt was Managing Director at Accenture, where his area of responsibility included energy economy and strategy. From the very start he helped to shape - and therefore also influenced - energy trading for large European companies. In addition he worked as Senior Advisor for various companies which operate in the international energy sector. Ever since 2010 the driver of an electric vehicle and father of two has been member of the Board of Directors of The Mobility House.

Carl-Peter Forster, Verwaltungsrat von The Mobility House
Carl-Peter ForsterMember of the Board

Before taking his office at The Mobility House, Carl-Peter Forster already filled a great number of top positions in the automotive industry, where he worked for GM Europe, Opel, BMW and Tata Motors and Board Director at Volvo. He currently holds a position at the Chinese automotive company Geely. His passion about cars was the starting point of this remarkable career and on top of that Carl-Peter Forster, who joined the Board of Directors in 2012, actively committed himself to contributing to a world where e-mobility will have a fixed place

Eugen Russ, Verwaltungsrat von The Mobility House
Eugen A. RussMember of the Board

Eugen A. Russ, media entrepreneur (CEO of Russmedia) and publisher from Vorarlberg, has been an active Member of The Mobility House’s Board of Directors since September 2014 and doesn’t just concentrate on the media landscape to develop technological advances. A family man and an expert on all things involving America and a self-proclaimed fan of electric cars, he also uses his entrepreneurial expertise to fulfil his innovative desires: his main interest and goal is to integrate electromobility into our network of environments and enrich them with a unique customer experience above and beyond all platforms.

Dr. Dierk Paskert, Verwaltungsrat von The Mobility House
Dr. Dierk PaskertMember of the Board

For numerous years Dierk Paskert was responsible for the strategic alignment at a large European energy supplier. Before joining the Board of Directors at The Mobility House in 2012 he was responsible of grids and international participation as a board member for his last employer. As Managing Director of the Rohstoffallianz GmbH, he was in charge of securing the long-term availability of raw materials for German-based industrial co-operations, such as Bosch, BMW and VW.

Andreas Berninger, Verwaltungsrat von The Mobility House
Andreas BerningerMember of the Board

Since joining in September 2014, Andreas Berninger, an entrepreneur from Munich and former CEO of Loyalty Partner Solutions and CEO of Payback, has strengthened the Board of Directors team at The Mobility House. The entrepreneur has previously held managerial positions in the services sector for the financial management and customer management sectors. He continues to combine his entrepreneurial expertise with great commitment and social responsibility. A family man, whilst on the Board of Directors of the Else Kröner-Fresenius-Stiftung (a foundation) he applied all his energy to medical scientific projects and now continues to do so in the electromobility industry.

Alois Flatz, Verwaltungsrat von The Mobility House
Alois FlatzMember of the Board

Alois Flatz was a partner of Zouk Capital, a cleantech investment company based in London, from 2006 – 2015. He is now an advisor to growth investors such as Generation Investment Management, and acts as a business angel to start-ups. He was a co-founder and manager of several start-ups such as Forma Futura, SAM Sustainable Asset Management and Fision Technologies. As co-founder of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and a former advisor to the Austrian Ministry of the Environment, his main focus is on the areas of cleantech, sustainable investment and electric mobility.

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